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Femme2006: Conversations and Explorations
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Date:2008-10-09 23:10
Subject:New Episode of FemmeCast NOW AVAILABLE!!

Episode 5: Femme Sharks. In this episode, host Bevin Branlandingham interviews Queer Femme hero and author Dorothy Allison; Femme Shark founders Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarzinha and Zuleikha Mahmoud discuss their movement and read their manifesto; Glenn Marla, Genne and a host of others discuss the 2008 Femme Conference in great depth. http://www.femme-cast.com (65 minutes)

A must listen for anyone who went to the Femme Conference or who missed it and is dying to find out what they missed.

FemmeCast: The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life is an audio newsmagazine for Queer Fat Femmes, Fatshionistas of all sexualities and Queers of all genders. Hosted by Bevin Branlandingham with a cadre of regular contributors, we're discussing dating, fat fashion, social justice, friendships, sex, gender, tranny talk, culture, travel, community and feature new music by Queer artists. A whimsical This American Life meets a radical queer how-to novel with MTV generation timing, FemmeCast will keep listeners laughing, connected and inspired.

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Date:2008-08-28 23:59
Subject:Thank you Femme2008!

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Date:2008-08-27 13:25
Subject:FemmeCast Episode 4 Now Available!

Episode 4: Health at Every Size (69 minutes)

Episode 4: Health at Every Size. In this episode Bevin Branlandingham and team discuss a harm reduction approach to health in a fat body; Marilyn Wann states her position on weight loss surgery in the fat activist movement; Tara and Zoe combine Fatshion and Social Justice in the debate about skinny clothes; and Megan gives us some quick energy tips. http://www.femme-cast.com

FemmeCast: The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life is an audio newsmagazine for Queer Fat Femmes, Fatshionistas of all sexualities and Queers of all genders. Hosted by Bevin Branlandingham with a cadre of regular contributors, we're discussing dating, fat fashion, social justice, friendships, sex, gender, tranny talk, culture, travel, community and feature new music by Queer artists. A whimsical This American Life meets a radical queer how-to novel with MTV generation timing, FemmeCast will keep listeners laughing, connected and inspired.

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Date:2008-07-15 12:28
Subject:Femme Conference Chicago! August 15-17

Today is the last day for regular registration rates for the Femme Conference!

Volunteer opportunities available as well as vendor, sponsorship, and raffle donation opportunities!

Please register by midnight tonight at www.FemmeCollective.com

Please distribute widely!

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Date:2008-07-11 01:18
Subject:Femme2008 Performance Events

Femme 2008: The Architecture of Femme



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Date:2008-07-08 12:35
Subject:Femme Conference - Registration!

Hey all:

Regular registration for the FemmeConference is open until Tuesday, July 15th!

Please remember to register now to get the low rate of $75 for FOUR keynotes and a fabulous weekend of Femmes, Entertainment, and WOW!


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Date:2008-06-25 12:47
Subject:Femme2008: Keynotes, Featured Speakers, Program and Performance OH MY!

Femme2008: The Architecture of Femme

August 15-17, 2008

Chicago Wyndham O'Hare

The Femme Collective proudly announces its Program Schedule, Performance Schedule and Keynote Lineup!

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Date:2008-06-24 20:19
Subject:Femme2008 Announces its Program Schedule!
Mood: excited


YaY! Our programming schedule is FINALLY here!!!!!! We have an exciting lineup of workshops, skillshares, presenters, keynotes and caucuses. Please look over our jam packed three days of programing and register, register, register!

To view our schedule please click on any of the links below!

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

For more information about each workshop and bios of our presenters CLICK HERE!

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Date:2008-05-31 11:42

Hello All,

The registration page for the Femme Conference encountered some problems yesterday, causing several people trying to register to get error messages. We have fixed the issue with our registration page and apologize for the issues.

In order to accomodate attendees who weren't able to access registration yesterday, we have extended our early registration deadline until Friday, June 6!

Please post this message to your friend groups and encourage folks to register on the extended deadline!

We look forward to seeing you at the Femme 2008 conference!

Femme Conference 2008 Registration team

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Date:2008-05-11 12:27
Subject:The Femme Collective announces its full keynote lineup for 2008!

Please distribute widely


The Femme Collective proudly announces its full keynote lineup for Femme2008: The Architecture of Femme. We are very excited at this spectacular group of Femmes!

Just a reminder Early Registration ends on May 30th!!!! If you haven't already done so please click the button below to register for this amazing conference!

Femme2008: The Architecture of Femme

August 15-17, 2008

Chicago Wyndham O'Hare





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Date:2008-03-05 10:53
Subject:Dorothy Allison to Keynote at Femme2008!!!!

Please repost and distribute widely!

Dorothy Allison grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, the first child of a fifteen-year-old unwed mother who worked as a waitress. Now living in Northern California with her partner Alix and her teenage son, Wolf Michael, she describes herself as a feminist, a working class story teller, a Southern expatriate, a sometime poet and a happily born-again Californian. 

For more information about Dorothy Allison please visit www.femmecollective.com.

Our Call for Submissions is now open. Deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2008.

Following our Femme2006 conference in San Francisco, where over 400 femmes and allies gathered for three days of workshops, panels, and performances, we again invite community members, artists, academics, homemakers, geeks, techies, activists, femmes of all kinds, and their allies to continue the conversation by participating in Femme 2008 in Chicago as presenters and participants. 

Registration is now open! The early registration rate is $60.00 until May 30th, 2008.

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Date:2007-01-09 14:09
Subject:Toiletries bag at work.

{{Cross posted on Fatshionista board and my own LJ}}
Hello everyone!  
one of my friends mentioned that she forgot something and needed it at work. And I said "Oh yeah, I have built up quite a nice one that my co-workers use also." (I have given them permission to use anything in it)

Background as to why I made one

I want to appear presentable at work and not give ammunition to anyone to say that fat people at slobs, unkept, lazy, etc. in case a spill/stain, headache or other happens.

Does anyone else have this at work? 
Do you have it for the same reason I do? 


In my kit is: Tide stain remover
alcohol swabs
bobby pins
hair clips
spare blouse/top (for stains/spills)
pain reliever (almost out)
sinus medicine
safety pins
emory board
nail kit
dental floss
face wipes
fabreeze (small bottle)

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Date:2006-12-14 09:15
Subject:Making it Big-Free shipping!!! til Sunday

ENter Source code: EBWR06J at checkout.

Offer good from Wednesday, December 13, 2006 through Sunday, December 17, 2006.
*Shipping discount will not show in your order confirmation but will be deducted prior to billing and shipping. Free shipping offer applies to US packages only, international shipping charges still apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer

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Date:2006-11-01 06:29
Subject:Here are the underwear I have been looking for!!!


prevents chaffing, etc.

Finally, so I don't have to sew them myself. Because that was starting to hurt my brain -- figuring out how to make the pattern.

Cross posted to fatshionista and sew chubby groups.

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Date:2006-08-15 14:06
Mood: cheerful

okay, y'all.

how rad was that?


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Date:2006-07-31 12:28
Subject:The Weekend Store at Femme 2006

Hi Everyone -

My name is Adjowah and I am a jewelry designer in the Bay Area. The name of my company is The Weekend Store, and I will be selling my wares at the Femme conference in a few weeks. I make sterling silver jewelry with wood, gemstones and other natural elements. My style is simple, spare, clean - stylish, not trendy. You can check out my work at  www.theweekendstore.com

Thanks! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

The Weekend Store
thoughtfully handmade jewelry

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Date:2006-07-24 13:44
Subject:Femme2006: Film Screening Announced
Mood: bouncy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Please distribute widely

Femme 2006 Conference Announces Film Screening Program

SAN FRANCISCO , California – July 24, 2006 – “ Femme 2006: Conversations and Explorations ” is proud to announce the film screening program for the Femme 2006 conference. (Register at http://www.femme2006.com )

Two amazing screenings are planned for Sunday August 13th.


Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
Frameline/SF International LGBT Film Festival

Strap-ons and Straps Off: Femme Identity and Liberation
Sunday, August 13th
International Room

Free for Conference Registrants
$5.00 - $15.00 sliding scale for General Public

In this film program, a decade of films deliver new femme worlds traversing the streets and sheets of Black Britain, past the elite ivory towers of colleges and universities, and down the Fruitvale streets and front seats of Oakland. Bad-ass femmes, marimachas, B.D. women, womanists, lesbian feminists, and academic queer theorists take over the screen to imagine and re-invent femme identities. 

FtF: Female to Femme gathers feminist queer theorists, punk rock icons, outspoken writers and femme divas to discuss femme politics and gender identity. Past Present Future: (In)Formation Sequence vamps through gritty urban streets, as femmes, dykes, faggots, jotas, and queers arm themselves with humor, fabulous headgear, and bitchin’ self-defense maneuvers. ¿Tienes Hambre? dishes up juicy tacos, a juicier butch and the juiciest Oakland femme in this homage to the working-class realities of marimachas and jotas. Cherries In The Snow: An Ode to Joan Nestle beguiles us with glimpses of red lingerie as it celebrates femme history and a femme historian. B.D. Women smoothly struts through the sultry jazz clubs of 1920s Harlem into very real homes and lives of Black British lesbians to gaze honestly at the intersection of racial and sexual identity.

FtF: Female to Femme by Elizabeth Stark and Kami Chisolm (2006 USA 52 min)

Past Present Future: (In) formation sequence by Jessica Lawless (2004 USA 5 min)

¿Tienes Hambre? by Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss (2004 USA 7 min)

Cherries in the Snow: An ode to Joan Nestle by Melissa Levin (2002 CANADA 5 min)

B.D. Women by Inge Blackman (1994 U.K. 20 min)

Special Panel: Femininities, Feminism, and Femmes
Sunday, August 13th
3:00-4:00 pm

In this panel discussion, we expand the political dialogue that Strap-ons and Straps Off! films initiate, and invite our community into an open conversation that explores the promises and limitations of a femme politic. How do we change the lens through which femininity and femme have traditionally been idealized? How do we visualize our own bodies, desires and cultures? What communities do we imagine as our own? How does femme identity intersect with our other identities? How do we harness this power for political effect? Please join us in this community conversation, with femmes and our allies, as we get to the heart of these questions and our desires.

Moderators: Darshan Elena Campos, Kebo Drew
Panelists: Tina D'Elia, Cindy Emch, Shawna Virago

Femmes In Space: Revolutionary Loves
Sunday, August 13th
7:15 -9:15pm
International Room

Free for Conference Registrants
$5.00 - $15.00 sliding scale for General Public

From bartenders to rodeo queens, this program of short films revels in the glorious diversity of femininity as femmes master their looks, politics, and identities. These films remind us that revolutions are born out of love for our lovers, our communities, and ourselves. 

Circuit boards, longneck beers, and barbells tease our tongues with femininity's sweet afterkick in Feminine Sense. Four loving video letters to Ms. Parton charm us with a piece of femme heaven and a femme icon in Letters to Dolly. A personal musing, Texture of Honesty, ponders the natural state of sassy and proud Black hair. Dragon Desire sparkles with a kaleidoscopic exploration of desire and femme vulnerability that is slick and splendid. A hungry Latin@ butch gets a tasty side dish next to the taco truck in ¿Tienes Hambre? A ballsy femme gang ignites the revolution on roller skates in Quality Bad Funds The Revolution. In Serve Thy Master , the Virgin Mary shows us that there is neither sin nor shame in sex as a femme takes the reins to her own liberation.

Feminine Sense by Crystal Weston (2006 USA 9 min)

Letters to Dolly by Haley Ausserer (2004 USA 21 min)

The Texture of Honesty by Sandy Falby (2001 USA 7 min)

Dragon Desire by Madeleine Lim (2004 USA 2 min)

¿Tienes Hambre? by Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss (2004 USA 7 min)

Quality Bad Funds The Revolution by Rebeka Rodriguez (2006 USA 10 min)

Serve Thy Master by Trina Espinoza (2005 USA 12 min)

A Q&A with the filmmakers will follow this screening. All works except Letters to Dolly were created through Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project which promotes the visibility of queer women of color through the creation and exhibition of films & videos that reflect the life stories and the vital social justice issues that concern this community.

Hotel Information: 
Cathedral Hill Hotel 
1101 Van Ness Ave. at Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: 415-776-8200
Fax: 415-441-2841

Registration Inquiries: Angie Ward, Registration Chair http://www.femme2006.com/registrationcontact.html

Film Inquiries: Kebo Drew, Film Curator http://www.femme2006.com/performerscontact.html

All other inquiries: Gina Coffman, Media Chair http://www.femme2006.com/mediacontact.html

-- # # # --

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Date:2006-07-13 18:53

Hello all!

I haven't seen a lot of folks posting here except for those really involved in putting on the conference (as opposed to those just attending) so let me know if this is alright to post!

I'm so so so excited for Femme 2006 and am about to register and finalize all of my plans, etc. I'm starting initial research on my undergrad thesis at Lewis and Clark College (in Anthropology) on Femme Identity and the Politics of Passing--which means that I am extra excited to be able to spend three days so enveloped in academic/cultural/community discussion and events about femmeness. My question, for those of you more "in the know" about how the conference works: do you think there will be any opportunity/way for me to pass out surveys or sign folks up who'd be interested in doing some interviews with me? Are there information tables where this could happen? Or any other ideas you might have?

Because I'm just finishing up a lot of the reading for my thesis and haven't sat down to figure out how I want the interview/observation/survey methods to happen exactly, I'm completely open to suggestions. I'm from Portland, Oregon and am just so thrilled to have so many femmes and femme allies all in one space and want to make sure to make the most out of the opportunity!

Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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Date:2006-07-11 21:13

i am applying to do a research paper on femme identities, and am in desperate (and quick!) need of some resources for my proposal. I have copied the very rough draft of my submission below. If anyone knows of some books, videos etc that may help me it would be greatly appreciated!

I would like to look at the ways in which femme identities are constructed within and outside of current contemporary queer communities. I want to explore the ways that race, class, and body size contribute to a femme's sense of self-identity and how they affect the femme community as a whole. I am interested in the social movement of "femme as gender" and would like to examine in depth how femme can substitute for a gender which was assigned at birth, and how some femmes are identifying as transgendered and how they fit into or are kept out of transgendered communities.

sorry for the crossposting.

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Date:2006-06-05 13:53
Subject:Program Schedule! Performers! Extended Registration!


Femme 2006 Conference Announces Evening Entertainment Program

SAN FRANCISCO, California – June 05, 2006 – Femme 2006: Conversations and Explorations” is proud to announce the entertainment program for the Friday and Saturday night performances at the August 11-13th, 2006 conference at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco. (Register at http://www.femme2006.com ) Two amazing nights of performance have been planned at 12 Galaxies (2565 Mission Street at 22nd Street, 415-970-9777). Doors will open at 8pm, show begins at 9pm. Friday night will feature spoken word performers and Saturday night will be an evening of cabaret. Performers hail from all over the world and showcase the variety of talents swirling around in the Femme friendly universe.

Femme 2006: Friday Night Performance Friday, August 11th, 2006 featuring:

Simone De La Getto a.k.a. Teresa R. Ellis, is the Visionary/Artistic Director/Owner/Overseer of Harlem Shake Burlesque. A former member of the S.F. Burlesque Troupe and The Cantankerous Lollies , this singer, choreographer and lead dancer has won the hearts of many, performing at various venues. She's “changing history one shake at a time”!

Dossie Easton is a San Francisco therapist, author, and active sex radical since 1961. Dossie Easton also writes and performs spoken word and poetry which has been described as “spectacularly filthy”:  she states her goal in performing is to leave “not a dry seat in the house.” Longtime pagan, poet, feminist, mother, survivor of the politically correct era, leatherdyke, whipmaker slut, she focuses her spiritual practice and her S/M practice on raising Eros as loudly as possible and playing with danger in the bottomless pit.

Veronica C. Combs is an accomplished producer, director, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, and has been producing groundbreaking lesbian performance programming in the Bay Area since 1995. She is the founder and Artistic Director of liquidFIRE Productions, a non-profit organization dedicated to the authentic representation of lesbians of color on stage and in film. Veronica is the mastermind behind liquidFIRE's lesbian-of-color multidisciplinary theatre company, The liquidFIRE Project, whose original productions are collaboratively created by the cast during a five-month process that examines their experiences in relation to "erotic power." She also created WET, a monthly erotic cabaret and dance party featuring queer artists of color.

-- more --


Femme 2006: Saturday Evening Cabaret Saturday, August 12th, 2006 featuring:

Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen is Manchester England's very own undead performer extraordinaire. She has been described as ‘one of the country's finest performance poets' and a ‘must-see act' . But poetry is not her only talent - she is also a riveting cabaret chanteuse, entertaining with her own brand of twisted tunes. These include perverse parodies of well-loved songs from Elvis to Andy Williams and Mozart arias.

Del LaGrace Volcano is a gender variant visual artist using herm's own body for politically pleasurably purposes.

Burlesque-Esque wants to be YOUR Tartine morning bun. They like slapdashery, meaningful messages, medium-high kicks and costumes held together by a single safety pin. They've been performing (on stage and off) for 107 years now and can STILL manage to combine sexy dance moves with bringing down the Republican Right. They have an agenda and aren't afraid to show it . . . just make sure you don't try to feed them any low-carb snacks.

Nykieria “Nyki” Chaney is a 24-year-old spoken word artist, playwright, feminist, poet, and speaker. Chaney is regarded as an underground artist, however, that may change with her upcoming autobiographical play. In her writings, Chaney addresses many issues of politics, socio-economic differences, misogyny, and future hopes for the African American community. All of Chaney's written works and her performances command the attention of all who read and hear it, and invites deep contemplation by all who understand it.

For full entertainment line-ups with more complete descriptions and bios of our wonderful performers for both nights, please visit http://www.femme2006.com/events.html.


Of Special Note:

The complete program schedule for the Femme 2006 Conference is now online @ http://www.femme2006.com/program.html

REGULAR REGISTRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 6/30/2006. Late registration will run 7/01/2006 through 8/01/2006. For pricing and other information, please go to http://www.femme2006.com/register.html . Details about volunteering and scholarships can also be found at http://www.femme2006.com/volunteercontact.html. Conference attendees are encouraged to support the host hotel by booking their reservations early at the Cathedral Hill Hotel.

-- more --



Performance Inquiries:
Krista Smith & Kebo Drew, Performance Co-Chairs http://www.femme2006.com/performerscontact.html

12 Galaxies
2565 Mission Street @ 22nd Street 
San Francisco, CA 94110

Hotel Information: 
Cathedral Hill Hotel 
1101 Van Ness Ave. at Geary Blvd.  
San Francisco, CA 94109  
Reservations: 1-800-622-0855 
Phone:  415-776-8200  
Fax:  415-441-2841
To make online reservations visit Cathedral Hill's website at https://reservations.ihotelier.com/crs/g_login.cfm?hotelid=3786
Conference Attendee Code is: FEMME06 ( Please note the "0" is a zero.)

Registration Inquiries: Angie Ward, Registration Chair http://www.femme2006.com/registrationcontact.html

Volunteer Inquiries: Ryn Hodes, Volunteer Chair http://www.femme2006.com/volunteercontact.html

All other inquiries: Gina Coffman, Media Chair  http://www.femme2006.com/mediacontact.html

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